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  • As part of the Absolute Group, ARI shares support teams with Absolute Haitian and Absolute Machinery

  • Besides on-site training and startup, ARI offers remote and in-person training at their technical centers 


  • Over 25 technicians located in the United States to quickly resolve service requests

  • Provides full engineering services, including 2-D and 3-D designs, testing, and implementation

Absolute Robot Inc. Logo

Absolute Robot, Inc. provides world-class automation integration solutions ​for the plastics industry.


Offering a wide variety of full-servo robots, six-axis robots, sprue pickers, and downstream automation options, ARI understands the complexities of the plastics industry. They work with business owners, managers, engineers, and operators to create a solution that best suits their applications.

ARI provides an unmatched level of aftermarket support and service, sourcing world-class components and keeping them stocked in the United States. ARI is headquartered in Worcester, MA, with technical centers in Ohio and South Carolina. For more information, visit



Absolute Robot Inc. CW 15 Servo Robot

Full Servo Robots

The most common automation solution for plastic injection molding manufacturers,

for machines up to 3,300 tons

Absolute Robot Inc. 6-axis Robot

6-Axis Robots

Increase the payload range and flexibility of your automation with the FANUC 6-Axis models available from ARI

Absolute Robot Inc. Sprue Picker Robot

Sprue Pickers

Quick to install and easy to operate, designed to remove parts and runners from 30-450 ton machines

Absolute Robot Inc. Downstream Automation Conveyor

Downstream Automation

Custom solutions including end-of-arm tooling, guarding, conveyors, nesting stations, labeling, and more

Absolute Robot Inc. A05 Servo Robot

In-Stock Inventory

A list of current inventory at the Worcester, MA headquarters, ready to ship quickly to meet your needs

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