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  • Comet is headquartered in Riviera Beach, FL, and sources equipment through worldwide partnerships.

  • Comet offers a full warranty on any new parts.


  • Comet offers a wide variety of products for plastic processors, including material handling, conveying, dryers, and more.

  • Comet provides turnkey installation services including material handling, conveying, and dryers.

Comet Plastic Equipment Logo

For 40 years, Comet Plastic Equipment has provided auxiliary equipment solutions for plastic processors. Comet guarantees that customers can manufacture better products at less cost.

Companies of all sizes trust Comet to provide high-quality auxiliary equipment and exceptional service. Comet equipment is used to manufacture items for the automotive, packaging, medical, electrical, and appliance industries.

Comet proudly manufactures its equipment in the USA, Europe, and Asia through strategic partnerships.

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Comet Plastic Equipment Conveying Products

Conveying Products 

Efficiently transfer materials for any project using Comet's conveying solutions

Comet Plastic Equipment Day Bins Material Handling

Material Handling

Easily store and transfer materials with silos, surge/day bins, and more

Comet Plastic Equipment Drying Products

Drying Products

Eliminate moisture in plastic materials with Comet's line of dryers 

Color Feeders

PET Crystallizers

Vision System


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